Science and Technology

This Area draws on the disciplines of biology, chemistry, computer science, design and technology, and physics to enhance learners’ knowledge and understanding of the world. The importance of science and technology in our modern world cannot be overstated. Developments in these areas have always been drivers of change in society, underpinning innovation and impacting on everyone’s lives economically, culturally and environmentally.


During their time in Year 7, we offer pupils a wide range of experiences and attempt to further ignite their interest and curiosity in Science.

The Year 7 course includes 6 units of work, namely ‘Skills – Welcome to Science’, ‘Acids and alkali’, ‘Cells’, ‘Energy’, ‘Matter’ and ‘Forces’.

These units aim to develop pupils’ essential skills and enrich their knowledge in the three fields of science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The four purposes introduced in the Curriculum for Wales are incorporated in the teaching, enabling these elements to become a natural part of teaching our young people, and to prepare them for their scientific journey in the future.
A variety of experiences are offered to enrich the learning experiences, including the use of a microscope and specialist scientific equipment, conducting experiments, listening to presentations from guest speakers, working in pairs, in groups and individually. Pupils present a project during the year, based on ‘the big question’.

The work is presented in detailed workbooks and in separate task books. Pupils are given plenty of opportunities to use information technology in their day-to-day work and when presenting their work. Educational trips are organised e.g. to the ‘School of Ocean Sciences’ in Menai Bridge, where pupils have an amazing time conducting experiments in modern laboratories, listening to presentations given by experienced staff members and visiting the ‘Prince Madog’ research vessel.

We believe that the Year 7 science course is exciting and very interesting - it encourages learners to think about the world around them and to understand scientific concepts in a real-life context.


Design and Technology

At the moment, in years 7 to 9, we study different projects to teach learners about manufacturing uses and processes. The learners come to understand and know how to use basic handtools in order to create. They also are able to develop skills involving the use of CAD, including 2D Design and SolidWorks software. This means that learners can use the latest creation technology (CAM) such as a Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine and a 3D Printer. In year 9, they can be creative by designing iterations of ideas with a specific context. Throughout all the work, we touch on several of the four purposes which are core to the New Curriculum. Resourcefulness and creativity run through much of what we do. It’s important that we prepare learners for the future. Considerations regarding sustainability and the planet come through elements of our work through re-using and reconsidering the uses for creating.


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Year 7 Computer Science work

Tasks will be set on Google Classroom where pupils will become familiar with it and use it in the classroom and at home.

Work is being adapted in order to meet the requirements of the new Curriculum, and by providing tasks on:

  • Computer networks, filing, passwords/storing and sharing
  • Coding – Introducing the basics of coding via tasks on the Hour of Code website; use Microbit devices in order to develop computerized thinking
  • Looking at new technologies in the ICT field
  • Creating spreadsheets and modelling
  • Discussing social media, online behaviour, identity, image and reputation
  • Developing ICT skills including desktop publishing, graphics and word provessing through planning, accessing and searching through Graphics – creating logos.
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