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Welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Parent

Our aim at Ysgol David Hughes is to give pupils the best possible education. Above all, we wish to base our whole system on the concept of respect - the respect of the school towards the pupil, pupil respect for other pupils, respect towards the school’s bilingual community and respect towards the future of the community served by the school.

Every pupil is regarded as an individual who is an important member of Ysgol David Hughes. We place an emphasis on high academic standards, which means that the individual will realise his or her potential. We encourage all our pupils to succeed regardless of their ability. We also hope to expand horizons through a number of extra-curricular school activities, the development of social consciousness through our efforts on behalf of charities, broadening the mind with the experience of foreign visits, ensuring an understanding of the local community via our work experience and business enterprise programmes.

We hope to stress fundamental discipline and care for the individual through our pastoral system. This will be supported by the development of a detailed scheme of transfer from the primary to the secondary school.

In recent years the school has invested heavily in technological equipment and resources which provide pupils with the necessary skills to face the challenge of the new millennium. Emphasis is placed on the library’s resources which are essential to meet the demands of GCSE coursework/controlled assessments. Our science and technology departments place great importance on the practical nature of their subjects. Within the geography and humanity fields, emphasis is placed on field work, and the Welsh and English departments regularly arrange visits to local and national theatres.

While attempting to develop the rounded pupil we believe that the expressive arts (Music, Art and Drama) are important and we are proud of our achievements in these fields. These can be measured in terms of school courses, our public performances and the success of pupils in the media, the Welsh Youth Orchestra and the numbers who have progressed to follow a successful career in the arts.

The idea of partnership between teacher and pupil, school and home is fundamental to the above. One of the greatest strengths of the school has always been its caring, open and happy ethos where pupils feel at home and enjoy their education in a bilingual environment of which they are a part.

In this prospectus we attempt to give a more detailed description of the organisation and philosophy of the school. We hope that you will find the information useful and that you will be eager to join the partnership to promote the ideals that the school cherishes.

Yours sincerely